OK Cupid

OK Cupid- I believe in the arrow, you release. Ceased- the pleat I’ve sown shut. Sent my intent in full form. I only forlorn at the timing. Closed door, or not?

At first I looked away. You came to play and play with my all. I fall into the waters on fire. Never tire to be touched.  I’d much rather slide down hill. And be thrilled. Than boxed in.

We knocked and here we are. Wide open. Broken norms. Wild wild wo – man.  Co creation. Fornication.

Seduced by temptation, a sweet love. One night escaped. Placed so easy in my lap. Mapped out to be healed with hands feeling every inch.  I flinch, unclean. Submerge into shadows, scattered in leaves.  Emerge glowing. I leave my mind behind; belonging to the dark. Ready to flow in juices, now.  Fuses that spark stagnant- live wires. Wired and fired by the blow of your lungs. Hung on traced fingers.  Yes burnt, but we unlearn the path straight.  Eight. A loop to roll in. Whole in bodies flown to destinations un-know. Marked on un-named roads.  Still we go off road.  2 rejecting the mold. Willing to cuddle in the cold.  And melt in raindrops.

A time where the rhyme stops. Sublime. And kisses cost nothing where the voice evaporates. Heat transforms. In touch, I’m placed in the face of surrender. Power. Tingled breath lost. Lions roar. Bear. Bring me there.  And let this be therapy. Every week- weak addictive pleasures. Please, talk to me. Don’t just seek the hidden hole. A cave to a soul. Bound in blazed embers. Only enter if you can center this division. Of minds.  Illusion. Dropped in tantalizing.  Rising.

Rising… moans to move this blockage. Knock, Knock. I’m open.

Open and flowing.

Man blowing on fire.  I’ll not tire of you rat. Provider. Wilder. Science. Casting trance mingled. Held from behind.  Blind to my doubts. No room to bloom the doom, when your felt.

So many leaves fell.

Now I tell the minds tale. The body can’t sail on pages these moments it- sunk in. So i dunk-in, these pleasure-some memories. Don’t act dumb to the sum of what has equated. Fated, a poet and a player. Hippying. Escaping. Earth/fire. I’m grounded in my stance, with that i demand the dance to play out. Your the wiper-upper. Seducer. Shook her. Cooker of a storm that follows- hands- intentions. (Even those unmentioned.) Tension brewed in a stew stirred on a rolling banking. Banking on being gently grown with. Seeds sown- blown where its not OK to love and leave unless you state your plan- to all parties. Act Heartily. Not mentioning the place, a man makes a move to trace the lace of the skin that hugs you. A molecule, you drool. In space. Once left, ones mind is misplaced and turns- in temptation.

Am I ticking all the boxes?


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