Online meanderings CUT

This is a poem i have chopped up and cut and pasted here until i know what to do with this part. From the poem, your online. Triggered by man, and my own hand.

(And oh, woman. Your crazy. Too much to handle. Flying off the handle. I handle my emotions perfectly- giving space for all to be. Clearly set out in front of me. Instincts call me. To pay attention to the subtlety. Researching the tree of me. Freeing the water so i don’t dry up to numbing- coming- without birthing. All that is righteously surfacing. Triggered by your online status. Exploring these DARK craters. Shining a light on-

Your online status.

Meanderings 2-

(Men are my biggest medicine. Inspiring new waves of enlightenment. Heaven sent. I thank being bent, bound- and found in fire, to melt from and birth creation in words- to flow from- sow seeds of- righteousness. Of the goddess, realized. Wheeled power in owning, growing- these blowing words that =no-one-dare-speak)


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