Without Prior Warning.

Where are you. They say you should’nt look, long, search. I am not. But i am open. I am so open to meeting you and planting seeds with you. To bloom a beautiFULL garden. I am open to give my all, committed to the fall and follow the call of the heart. I am open to start- the merging of a half now apart magnetizing- aligning in perfect timing- Rhyming lullaby’s of lovers. Under covers of stars- healing the world.

I’m not looking, I am open. And i’m keeping open my doors so you can walk in. Walk in and begin to love me again. Cause i know this isn’t a game, it’s the universe looping us together again. And again. I am ready to tame and de-frame all I expect, demand, restrain. I am ready to go insane. In love. I am open to be free. And set the chains of time free in the wings of our sea. Bottomless and momentary. In eternity. Radiating through all time in one single beam- I see my life swimming in wild waters with your fires cycling- hiking through winds that bloom embers to bring light back from the dead.

No, I am not searching. But i have found you inside and so i can not hide from knowing your there, and coming. Without prior warning.

Growing flowers on concrete floors, watercolour illustration


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