Endless- A search to end this- search- a timing of church bells- to a mind- blind from the minds eye- playing out the leads to a- big sigh. I’m high on the picture you portray- when will it be my time to play. Seriously now

I’m looking for commitment to love. It’s what we’re all searching for. Online- In this era i feel out of time- In my mind your sublime. And probably not found- on online dating sites. I might as well throw the in the towl. But something keeps me- sinning. Binning the voice that shouts- THIS IS SILLY- He’ll be coming when your ready. Well then why not now?

I reject being a hermit. Closing my door- holding out for more, to enter. Loosing center- growing. My weakness. Maybe your waiting for my door to close. Hose down my dust- would it really matter how i hold if your coming no matter what?- “When we’re ready though.” Oh. Well I’m just SO fucking ready- No matter what language or image i play with. Today, the same as every day… Open and waiting to see you.

Surrendered to the lonely. Opening every door because I don’t know what you look like…. And your probably on some hike to find the holy grail. To prevail the truth of your soul to bare at my open door so we can melt and birth our existence- our life meaning, to bloom committed to love our other half and bloom in birth. Eternal flowers.

Yeah, that’s the kinda spectrum I’m on.



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