I have so much anxiety
being me
explaining me
How to be free
Checking in on explaining feelings 
Reeling seem to go on and on
And I’m waiting for the gun
To shoot my open door closed
Posed to be a certain way boxed and shocking
Into expecting rejection
Blown into a new direction
I’m not in control of
Lost on pages
Blank and full of hope
Proposed in roundabouts
Stoned to shine
Your spotlight on my only mask
My skin
Am I sinning
To open
Shaking at the vulnerable self
Mental health
The wealth of worries
Open to objection
A discretion of a soul
Lying in the elements
Expecting the chance
descent – enhance
my nerves
my curves do sad out
the shadow calls bigger
digger of holes
verbally projected
medicated in dopamine
invisible forces
of anxious voices
in a mind behind the blind smile wrapped on bows of normality
dressed in nice clothes drinking tea
looking like we have it all together
clever at hiding
the degree of insanity
in anxiety


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