Someones Watching

I’m being watched
From above
This societies got to play itself out
Shouting whispers from above
Homeless residence in your attic 
I feel sick
I’m being watched
Big brother’s eye
Hides the cries
Love hate crimes
Have you fallen in line
Cause we’re watching you
We can see through
Your screen
We beam waves of conditioning
We have you by the balls of
Your family- we sent the rules from above
Sealing the deal
what’s real
The truth is hidden
I’m being watched
On a stool
Model citizen model mother
cover up
your instincts to be free
survival to plea
for innocence
claim righteousness
in this mess
I’m being watched
my next move
Will blow me my next bruise
I’m accused
of being different
your eyes sit on the side line
jealous of the voice
ignorant to the way out
you shout at my next move
a wrong turn
blurred and lost
in a maze I’m taking
your forsaking gives me dead ends
as I’m listening to your pretends
that won’t ever comprehend
my belief in dreams
cause you live in a world where
your being watched
under watch of the normality
sanity is gravity to the script given to you
a map worthy to follow through
with plenty if distractions
And transactions to complete
before we meet our maker
our liberator
Watched by a forsake of reality
lifting veils once walls
now the call beyond the eyes on screens
smashed in opening our own eyes
seeing past the chains bound
in watching eyes and dismay in voices
posing positions of power
cowering to the hour
of your time
To be who ever you want to be
free from these entangled ancient cages
and pursuading wages
Given by watching eyes
let us find new eyes
of eagles
and angels
that can carry us remind us unbind us
help us find us
I’m being watched, projected
the powers of my animals
and ancients
heaven sent
eyes lent and bent to see clear
without fear through it
in the violet flame
tamed the game we are born to
play in innocence
eyes remembering, honing, a second chance.
Eyes that dance
Eyes that prance
in the freedom of earth


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