Where Do I Belong?

Is it a long road
To find where you belong
singing this song
asking will it ever stop
will I find it once i get a top of this mountain 
rain down your fountain
A higher perspective
eagle angel guiding me
what’s it take to stop you hiding me
from where I’m meant to be
Show me a sign
where shall I plant me
Grow me some roots real deep
So I can bloom
Will it be soon
Which door shall I walk through wake through
Safe to place my next move
Where’s home
the one for my soul
my heart, whole, in potentially
Finding family in the hands and claws of birds that breathe in trees
Of the land where i shall I sow my seeds
So much energy
exhausted in looking
Waiting for you relocating debating
baiting meditating
where do I belong
When will I find the words to end this song
I don’t want to take he wrong
Road to where I belong
Will it be a life long search
To find my sanctuary
a planetary lonely
only road unfolding
dead ends or round the bends
learning, herding the solitary
flourishing the evergreens
follow my seams
back to a centre I remember


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