A fallen Caterpillar

Fallen a caterpillar from its purch
Now where to go where, i search
A cursed body
You may think I dont have wings
The task is tall, i climb to find sactuary
Following my nose, moving steadily
Heavily I feel
Following… a gut feeling
To hibernate, so deperate
To shut the world out
I’m lost and no one is knowing
Just quite how to help
So i build my den
Following my voices instead
And sleep a thousand spirigs
To me it feels
And then i wake from a dream
Vibrant light
With wings of angels and fairies
Free from chains i take flight
grown from my darkness now i harness
Lightness, a flutter of love
To dance the mornings eternal
Behold my new energy
A synogy of colour
Healed in a coccoon of transofrming walls
Honing in to a centred
Miracle with new eyes
I followed invisible signs
Now i flutter by
I’m a butterfly smiling at the spring


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