What Is The Solution?

What is the solution?
Do you believe in turning over a new leaf? Can we see the beauty of the leaf we stand on? Hang on,
Why not try jumping in the leaves, kicking despair up in the air
Or stare at another’s joy, let it ignite fire to, maybe giggle? Twitch, wiggle- and want to join in.

What is the solution?
We could find creation to strife
towards, which open doors to move us
forwards. Onwards upwards, growing
Hords of more and more stars
To marvel at, awe inspired to write, to laugh, cause i forgot this…
Contrasted conversations, you must force through the nonsense
Move with others your attracted to, DEATCH from the MONSTER
-Build one out of your rubbish- stories,
that are storing
Taking up space- make room for the sun to grace
Your whole being

What is the solution?
Compost an art form to BEAM out for others, a sculpture.
For release and healthy progression
A lesson on stepping stones.
Witness the missing piece, We could
Listen to dreams that LIGHT us up
These are the answers
Donna Dasher Prancer, magic

What is the solution?
We search for a destination
Thinking meditation will find our -Happiness
But it just levels out the -un-happiness
Calm on this train ride, this ocean of waves to ride
Helping us learn that we can not hide
From the self and we can not deny the parts of us
That want to be alive
And swim and play like the fool and star
Aligned, so leave this behind
Behind your attention and build a kingdom
Of figures to play with and marvel
Treasures which out-measure- by a million to one
Your choice, your FREE WILL
To live the life you want, not still in stagnant growing
Instead use this rubbish to compost flowing
A city of monsters, fairies, dragons, angels, goblins
And play there.

So, is this the solution? Positivity?
I am not being wishy washy,
Or ignoring feelings that feel so deep we can not escape
We can build pictures with what is on our plate
We can BUILD, we can PLAY

A solution?
Well, we could wallow at the state of this
Go in circles and debate all this
Or take a chance, believe and follow our bliss
We can find another angle
We can untangle this rope we’re building
We can plant seeds to bring
New eyes and minds, RAISING VIBES
With LOVE we can build above this floor, so covered
We can stack them like stones on the river
Ripple ZEN into the ocean
Set these waves into motion- cause we really are the Magicians, the wizards and witches of our own paths
Connected to all others
So be CONSCIOUS of ideas
Turn those fears into wonders
because YOU are the sculptor
You are the lover
The mother
You are the next stone
The next step
The solution
You are the hope, the guide
And i know you keep hearing this, but… you really are sublime.

I hope in time you will come to realize that the overwhelming darkness is there for stars to sprout from, we can build stars with this vastness we feel. we can peel back the peep holes. Dazzle and light up our soul. We can build stars with this hole and build wholeness- We are here to build beauty. We are Gods and from the goddess.
We can realize we are GOD in our GOODness, in our ability to find new ways to move forwards- onward, upwards. Even if we go around and down its a beautifull journey, a masterpiece. You are a piece of this glorious puzzle. We are all rebuilding and paintings and making the picture and shapes in which we want to dance from. Focus your attention on the heavens in you, and your rubbish, i wish for you to all realize this


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