Sieze The Sunshine

Its so amazing outside how lucky are we to have this beautiful sunshine light up our world…. I hope you go enjoy it, roll in it, size the vitamins sent on rays meant for your body to awaken and revitalise ❤
Sieze the day 

These sunshine rays 

Are on their way to your door 

A knock knock knockin 

Let me in 

Your bones your soul

I awaken you And so much more ill make you remember…you are whole 

Ill help you feel the warmth 

Glow from deep

And cast dew to twinkle and blind the grind 

Your stuck in 

So open those curtains 

Crawl from your winter dens 

Im here to shine light on your path 

To play in revealed jewls, to marvel giggle and laugh 

Im inviting you to come listen to the earth sing

Bring your Feet to walk on me 


Your the one im visiting

I bring you gifts worth more than gold

Life Force to hold 

Your weary your dreary teary states and blast them into the light- your.made.of 

Love above the stories 

Now is where your home is 

Now is where your longing 

Now is where your hearts realized 

All plans alchemized 

For now 


shine in the shine GO OUTSIDE


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