Pollyanna Your Life 

Wake up greatful for life- you lifes not threatening, your not going anywhere. You here. Be glad of the air you breathe, find something. Anything. The always some praises to sing. Yours toes, your shoulders, they ache? So concerntrate on your nose, the wonders it smells, the stories it tells of your morning brew. Marvel and then marvel slme more, at whats you see outside yohr window, from sky to floor- and wonder in amazment, at whats beyond them. Be glad of your mind your glorious mind, yes it has faults but be glad be glad of the ride and the tide, be glad for that imagination, the contemplation of beauty. Thank your booty that cushions your fall, and your leisure time, thank your eyes your not blind- ypu can read this and thank the stars qho remind us to Dream. Be glad you can move, so move. Groove. Loose all your woes in the simplicity of your toes and how they wriggle. Wriggle them. Some people cant touch their toes. If you can celebrate if you cant dont wait in the lull celebrate your fingers, how marvelous your hands are, how far they have carried you. Through and through. Give thanks for your shoes. Some dont have. And give thanks to all contrast in life theres always someone without and someone with doubt. Taking their last breathe- thank the heavens your alive, theres no threat your going to pass youve beengiven this life. Strife to live it and when something seemingly bad comes to call look for the glad. Theres ALWAYS SOMETHING even if that one things simply, im not dead and im not dying. Thank the stars for my health my wealth is in my breath. Be glad. Be a pollyanna. Inspirethe world to choose glasness and to live life,go life it and live it powered with the knowledged you alive. Be glad ypur not writing go live and be well on your death bed. Be greatful for your angels families friends dont complain, make a plan ifyou must but remember these wont matter to you soon. Dont waste your precious life, choose to bloom in gladness and wonder and let you body carry you to inspire you And the ripples higher. Never tire, remember to be a pollyanna.


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