Call Push Fall

Call. Push. Fall. Forgotten dormant. Layers. Peeled back. Armed and ready. I’ve been here before. Freed. Adorn. Call. Folding, rolling sweet roses on a pedastol, holed. Im strong here. Yet your bare-ness suprises- the tips of me which are not hidden. Magnetised the more you try. The more i push, yet fall. Push, fall. Push, fall. The offer calls, and I- Push, Fall. Hoping you’ll keep on calling. My bluff. Is a game. Is it real? Or, will the stones thrown stall your wants. Desires of me. Fires higher, hires my attention. Is it lust. I mis trust. I cuss at the chase. And without it, Insane. Like laces unravelled. Call, call. And now here, half bare skin. Promised attention. Given power, I held, in non belief, in truth. Push. Misused. Acused. Loosed. Loose. We Lost the game of… Push, fall. Which would be a, 

Laced and Lost, Love me

Appearing seen and wanting to be= forever held. Fall. But, Lost in doubt of intention. Fall. Without slowly unravelling, i’m ripped and teased with sweets. Peeled. And caught. Call. A sugar trap. ADDICTED to the wrapping and the lappings of highs. Without thought of the plummet. Striving summits. Fall. 

Swirled in a soup of, non follow through. Stall. A place where, you have to be cool. Fall. Or play the fool and seduce the senses. Push. Cast in answers. Hide and seek. Seek. Bleak in freak weather, exciting. Entising. Mice with cheese. Freeze, frozen in a tickle. A trickle of alterier motives. Callll. Should i fear this hand or roll and appease. Fall. Wanting to yeald. Stealing intended unconscious-walks in the park. To pick flowers in secret gardens. Unclear. Fear, i fall.

The wall hardens. In a mind that blinds beauty. Laid before. A floor that is concrete and also so much more-  (growing Flowers from concrete floors.) Where the mind opens doors for eternal seeds. Call. Which feeds the Freed body. Soul. Hole. To fall and to know thy self. Shaken from the quell. Conscious in a spell. To place Feet in reality, relative to dreams of fantasy. To be me. Fall, surrender. 

Truth is what you choose. Free with or without. Free. Free. Im free. 

Still it stirs.

A kiss that stands hairs 

In corners forgotten. I thought i burried you. Push. 

Free fall. Call my bluff. Appearing, all of me unshaken in Uncertainty. Free to feel= seen. Free left alone to hone, stable strands of dreams. (I feed myself.) My mind clears the mud. Push. The box i choose to lay in, nude. Subdued with the night. Calling fire to rise. Truth/lies. Eyes see duel sprees, of seas swirling- end less ly. Without. End. I. See. A Free-fall. To the call. Where i’m pushed over the edge!!!!!

A riddle to my absent- availability 

A synogy of fear. Fell. Forever Lost In balancing love Lost, love gained, love, to turn the scales- called insane. Push. Ment-to-bes. Fall. A Free beautiful Mind. 

Human. Bloom them. Free tears, free streams. Life giving holes. Lost In a path i’m pruning. Push my edges. Limitless. Seducing, freefalls. Waterfalls over me, from me, bound and found. Free.


Im sorry I cut your cold. Bold hands. You sold your soul to my unforgiving tone, my hole dug in, a safe space. Unwilling to be tamed, a lion to roll in life so wonderous. I regect with plans secure to hold, and stroke. Real. When there is no such thing as real. Except moments. Which vanish like matches. Flicker. Blinkers. Where we cant grasp, rubble to fingers. I have stumbled and lingered too long in spaces unhealthy. And wrong. Grown skeptical. Inquizical. At the mystical moments which lay at my Feet- and want to kiss them. Instead of enjoying the sensation, I ask why. Frowning debation. Instead of a tranced sedation. Bound to a picture. Missing pieces devoid the mixture. Quick drying. Sighing. Remembering. I’ve walked in sand that sank. And drank wine poisoned. Betrayed by foe i thought was friend. Too much pretend I’ve had to mend. 

These things lend their story, steps leading. Feeding, falls. I push. Walking the spine. Behind eyes. Backbones which hold the mold. You want to kiss. 

I miss moments. Unfoldments. Reject the unfamiliar. I want to feel ya, my highlight. Of my eyes blind. Tied to toes of a hanged man. Who calls to turn the table. Unable and pushed to see he’s forced to fall seduced, seeing the grass new. Turning blue pushing through. To edges. 

My edges, 



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