Look Absent Wish

Where have you gone, my love. You blew so much into the embers. Meant as secrets ublocked with time built up from blind eyes enticed with words of long term. Dreams of one love. Seen. Past the beam of now. Freed of the found heart yearning for home. A call to the unknown walked with Feet in tones of encouragement. Unconditional. 

Now busy and dizzy with reality. When there is so much misty- Lost clarity within Worlds in Worlds in Worlds. That merge in real time. Behind walls no more. Cast in overwelmed felt meant toos. See throughs. Expectings. Rings of, where are you. Where have you gone. Do you still want to try to love, my love…

One love. Do you still Believe, feel. Reveal to me your intent. 

Lead along a path to accept it all. Towards a sea, a storm, adorned. Life loves much slower. And, magic came slow in moments found. Grounded. Like the drum. Rushing gushing dews of heart. To seep to see and feel. I want to peel back your layers. Dont hide from me. How do i make you see, im here. The fear rejects the pull. I lull in your unavailability. Stillness. Without constance. Contact lacks and smacks my open arms. Im not sure how to share them. Warmth in eyes to Dream, of you. 

How can i get close to you. Wont you sneak to me And be with me And feel me. Feel you. Blue in the absence of you. Wanting to be more but Lost in blank spaces. How do we do this. I miss the chance to kiss and spin in the joy of lifes sweetness, surrendered. Open. Mystic and magic. 

Held forever. In arms planted with earth. Worth the world. Healing touch. Feeling gaps which are meant to love. And are loved. Tries. Ties to toes wanting to grow. Home, in places rich with eyes. And senses. To smell more. Tell more. With space made to explore.


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