Truely Held

You feel real

Yes you, a root in paths i see 

Its you

Steady strong knowing 

Holding my all 

Witnessing and sowing seeds of love 

With only desire to heal and sheild 

Instilling Belief 

Understood, i’m reminded to be kind 

Intending purely 

Warmly content 

Swinging cradled 

Drawn to truth 

Steady as a drum 

Silently knowing 

Growing= deep love 

Feeling deep, sweeped clean

Past a song, you sing your own 

Oh, to hold 

The most impotant tune. Backbones of a love 

Grown open doors, that wont shy away 

And answer all its posed or to contemplate with sowing love its goal


This is it. Pure light. Above the nonsense

Unwavering desires to hold and be held. Without fear for want of anything else. 


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