We Dream 

Paralyzed the vibes

All gone, ascue

Wif the smell of you


Through the looking glass  

3 witches brew fates


Im constant- nostalgic 

Tragic, amnesia 

Blind blood bound

Aroundabouts- dizzy spells

Wonderous I hold 

Within grains of sand

Millions + trillions

Revolving realities 

Tied to Gravity

Walking on air

I’m there

Versions tunnel tricks

A magician

Twisting ivy cried. 

Exploded from an imploding

Mountain belly 

Pregant eddies 

Shatter icikle caves 

Frame Worlds Within Worlds 

I heard

Roaring stones recharged

Made large

Loose oysters


Shimmer moons

Blown unknown islands

Devoid a horse

Runs neverland

Canned stars

Eskimo hearts




From strangers all in a line

Lending leading blood

+insights of hope

We Dream of tomorrows


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