Love holds you

Blooms you

Sees through you

Gives space

Loves trace will lift

You high, it wont pry

Will only make you cry

Healing fertile tears.

Love will release fears-

And share the burden.

Love is a safe den

Love wont ask when

It will feel


Wont act aloof.

Love demands the truth

+ Forgives

Love understands that you have lived

Many lives

Love trys and trys,

Again and again.

Love WILL relieve pain

Wont drive you insane.

Love is slow

Love will grow

Plants roots

And tend to the shoots

A lover is a gardener

Love wont harden you

It’s Jewelled

No fool

Not cruel

Wont put you on a pedastol.

Love will not duel

It bows in surrender

A blessing

A Raw holy undressing


A pool, infinite

Love will Crawl in to your pit

And sit to stroke your hair

Love will stay

And care


Love will encourage

Not rage

Love will not follow old rules, it will make way, write a new page.

Love will clear like grandmother sage

Love understands

Never demands

Or questions the land

On which you stand.

It will cup your head in its hands

Lay down its plans- to love you

It wont make you choose

Or point if you loose

It will never abuse you.

-Love will be a fuse

That will refuse to switch off!

Love is equal

It is no sequal or prequal

Love is commited

Fitted, fixed and moving

Loves a grooving

Ready to build, create, make new carvings,

Loves is art

A continuous fresh start

Love wont part

A open heart

Love wont dart away

Wont stray

Or play games.

Love is soft

Melting lava

Love’s no palarva

No drama

Loves a Witnessing

Love is kissing

In honnor to the Miracles

Love melts icicles

+ pulls us ever so slightly – mightyly

In the right direcrion

Love is not sectioned

Like pies

Theres no chart or shopping cart

Forget the list

Love will not show a fist

Love will lay with you in the Mist

Find a cave and wave away the


Love wont shout

Love is respect

Is Direct

And gentle

Love will quieten the mental notes

Love will totes-

Hold you

Like never before

Love is an open door, an invite and an entering.

Love is centering

A balance

The greatest chance

A endless dance

Love will enhance

Love wont make a stance

Or rear

Love will accept

And stir a soup

To birth

Your wildest dreams

Loves the cream

And a compass

Love lasts

An casts a holy recognition

Love will make its transitions

So you suffer less

It will melt the mess

It wont digress

Or stress

When lost, love will roam

Marvel at the foam

Love is a carving stone

A fire

Love wont tire

Love will find a way

Love is every day

A magnet

To your true self

Love is Free

Love can see

Love will be


Love’s the tone of voice that melts you

Helps you

Gives you room

Love will bloom

The most perfect secret garden

Love is


Youve been here before

Loves an unlimited store

A shore, your savior

Loves the core of you

Loves the dew


Loves illusive


A Conscious spell

Wont dwell

Love tells

And wards off hell

With the light of it

Love is special



And open

For all

Loves a call

You cant predict


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