The worst feeling

Is the rebuilding of the peeling

Layers that melted in your sun i called home.

(Maybe that was where i went wrong)


Another space and place

My gut tells me ill be fasting

Your attention

Laid out… if i reach

I feel the Distance

A step back

Knocked out, you’ve fallen behind


And i want an invite. To Crawl into your cave- to try to love

Our cups would save

The tears we let go of

The garden would grow

But your doors are closing

And im closing too..


I don’t want to be redirected

Mis directed- I’m a whole

Loosing you- slow

Dance, and now i’m down

Because i gave too much

Believe, i want to trust

But i cus at the absence

I want to scream at second chances

Processing this is deeper than you and me

A life of let downs

Now expecting to be crowned

And grounded

In a word

That won’t follow its nose

I rose and chose you

So am i destined to be looping



This crazy?

Hazy in boundaries. Unclaimed!

Will this remain

-Please be clear

And let me hold you too


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