Healing past

Past is past

Yes, it is

It is also part of the present and future

The past is the garden we now stand in

If we can prune chop down or make paths

Through the overgrown, tend the neglected or poorly

Then surely we are the gardeners

Welders of time

Learning from past, we garden our furture

Sowing seeds becomes clearer when we see what we need

Self love

The past is not irrelivant

The past is part of a 3 way cycling

Recycling the mulching leaves that once bloomed so vibrantly

The past can set us free

When we see that the past is part of the present and future

One does nor make sense without the others

We can not lay one under covers


All honnored equally part and package

Feeding each new foot forward or backwards

A dance

Celebrated for its unique wisdoms

Qualities gifted so we may understand the whole picture

A shared care

Our gardens hold stories

Not our own, they ripple timelessly

Through the nows through the blind all arounds

They echo exposed holy grounds

To plant in

Paying an ancient homage

To a garden of meaning and Miracles

Bowing to its journey and the journey which we now walk on and through

In an all encompassing truth


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