Another love poem

So close

Love sets you free

Slow down

Love is undefiably me.

Love rolls in the fire

Doesnt question your desire

Leaves you higher than it found you

Loves always been inside

Love wont hide

Makes no excuse

Love wont loose

I am

Standing in the power, of who you are

Surrendering to a merging, im growing.

Free, free falling. I know this is not


Love Is the tide, so easy

Feeling fear in a constant, let go

Rolling in the deep

Deep darkness

Love is courageous

Falling, free falling into place

Im here

Found on a bed of roots

Your in me

Free, now cut free

From what bound me

Calling me free…

Yet you still hold me

So close.

Love sets you free

Slow down

Love is undefiably me.

Please, love wont tell you what to do

Love Sees through the you who

Who doubts

And accepts his all

And accepts the fall

So close.

Love sets you free

Slow down

Love is undefiably me.

Undefiable free

Free, free-falling

Into place

Im finding the pieces that want to play

In my garden

Love wont harden

Your roses

Wont it leave, eternally forgiving

A life free for living

In love- Im free falling

Cut free im falling

In the me ive chosen

Open, im cut open

Free falling

Now im strong in knowing my song

Sweet darling, love wont do you wrong

Im sorry dear judge in pur minds

Im here, sweet victim

Now Sublime

In this free falling

I hear my calling

Free from the stars i was born in

Love sets you free

Slow down

Love, is undefiably me

Love wont leave

Ill always feel always feel

You a part of me

Blankets your darkest fears

Love sets you free

In our undefiable me’s


Love wont redirect you

Unschool you

Wont fool you

Sees through

Love is a sword- that cuts me free

Free falling

Im free falling into place

Blessed i have been graced

By your hands now

Your hands that found


And now have cut me

Free, im free falling

Free falling

Into place.


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