If i was patcient

Would you have fallen deeper


Im demanding


Wanting commitment

But your free and im free to feel

Without responsibility

If i was more private

Kept it to myself

My hopes and dreams

We wouldnt have fallen

You camt hold them

Am i meant to play a game

Slowly slowly

Against the mind and heart

Who wants and feels it all

Im sorry your trapped

I can not lap this feild

Its too green

I need to clean this mud


Me free

I can control you

Fool you school you

I can accept your own choice

Free will

Will still

These waves

Ive over watered this seed

This place

Its not a game

Its not a game

Its got to be planned out

Spaced out

This plant cant take it all

When its grown

It wont fall

And so thats why people stall

Growing love

Its not my fault

I thought we had it all past the now

Past is born

A stronger libk beyond form

But now your gone

With horns

Afraid of the red

That waves

Ill cobtemplate in my cave

Will you sway

I dont know

I wont show

This show im not so good

At acting

Or thinking out

My actions

Are falling Im falling

Into freedom

You gave me

Space to

Fall in


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