Free falling

Im cut free

In your hands

They heal me

Free falling

Caught in a womb thats calling

My growth

Bound on roots

I grow

You let me go

Free falling im free falling

In love

Unbound to the stars i was born in

Who knows what my future holds

I plant seeds to grow a Garden so

This i know

Conscious healing

A reeling of a life im called to

I see through fear that clouds the mind of men

I let go of how why what and when

In the easy tides

The eyes of a type that hides


Darling, im falling. Free falling

Into place

With each door shut another is Replaced

Redirected, im redirected

I wear you

Unshakeably love works through everything

Like the light of the morning

Im free falling

Your eyes are calling me to let go

Caught in the arms of Souls-ship

A friend ship, i sail

Free falling

Im calling.. out, redefining

Im not hiding

Letting go of the stars i was born in

I heard the warning and felt the shift

Your words of Promises

They miss being kissed, being kissed.

Left me dipping my toe in a pool without ripples

Free falling

I put my all in, place

I’ve been graced by the words of intent

A magician, your wishing i stood still

But darling: i am the water

Free falling

I am falling

In love


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