So im feeling down

Comparing rolls and holes… Pulling apart my skin. Where i fit in

See ive always been the big one

The one who dosnt fit, cant sit in a chair without over hang

I feel like an orangotang

Do i stand out as much as i thinkcaus ei cant share this voice

Often i feel i muar pretend

To have confidence

Cause thats attactive

Am i less attractive cause im a plus size and shes the norm, they are what we, you, i am suppose to look like

By societies fucked up demands

Perfection is a doll

Anatonmy, slim to sculpt our bones

A model of the passed down roles

A woman, a man

But what about venus, what about the goddess and her curves

Unheard of now

My minds screw in tight behind the blinds where im ok here

Please jyst hand me a cave im so sad im so angry

This fucked up mind thinks im unworthy of love

To be attractive

Compared to slim models of me

Where im a dummy who has too much excess… Theres someone better cause im carrying baggage

Im sagging

Blagging body positive.. But i habe bad days and really think well im fucking just eating too much! And im so sad i can be healthy

Over eating defeating myself my health depleats amd my mind wanders with it

Feeling unworthy of eyes to feel appealing pleasing swooning schmoozing cruizing… Im Loosing like a…Flower? Theres no fat or thin flowers… They are all beautiful.all delicate all blooming.

So why am i feeling like im failing my blooming.

Loosing eyes of men who feel for cute hippy chicks

Im just sad of this game

And how im Loosing to myself

Yet how society health Blooms in a dismorphed distopia


Hope i am alieviated

Pray for the leave of Distracted

Minds that roll with entities

Home in me im born within silence

And moved in materials

Quelched within a movie i can feel

Surreal a land home with eyes and minds connected yet beyond an image

Torn to

Stern ignorance and arrogance


Obliviate eyes

Enlightened i hope one day this wont be a Tumble weedbwe roll with

I hope we can see skin and hold it

Marvel it

Not bleed it seed it rotten to bloom in the judge

Free this chain

Claimimg innoccence seen and safe


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