Life Is Temporary

This life is so temporary
So we should all live it
This life is so temporary
But what about when you hit the ground
Is it a preasure to get up brush it off and leap like never before
Or, is it ok to find the balance
To lie in bed all day and watch animation with my little one instead of the “perfect life” in the wild i strive for
What about when you energy runs out
When you have to morn for the earth
And purge the poison
Life is temporary
Yes, it is
It could be taken this eve
Or the next
And then what.. Will i have wished i had moved
Got productive
Birthed my all to leave for you
Will i have wished i had leapt
And asked more for help
When i die i wont wish oh i wish id have done it all myself
Life is temporary
No place for ego
A place to let go And do the impossible
Dont be held back
Unless ur backs collapsed
Rest if you must but write or draw
And let the energy flow to where it needs to go
Release the stagnant trapping you
Life is temporary
And its the people around who matter most
The memories you make
The art you make
‘Dont let the bastards get you down’
Life is temporary
What is inside u bursting to get out?
And what will u leave when ur no longer around
Have u taken all those trips and passed on all ur knowledge, play with the children
Show the way
To freedom
Life is temporary
As i lay in this pit
I wonder will i have given u enough tools
guided enough
Encouraged enough
Loved enough
I need to write those books
Life is temporary
Be easy
Lay still listen
And move
Dance in the in betweens
And try to feed ur body rainbows
So u can live longer out of those pits
And think happy thoughts so u can fly
Life is temporary
What do u wana do with it?
Lay still and just be if u need
But plant those seeds
And when u have the energy that will come use it to leap towards your dreams
Those that Bubble in this life and guide you
This life is temporary


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