Thank You

Thank you you who

Has helped with a smile

You who have waited a while

Saved the crocodile

Helped to file

Ran those miles

Did your grandmas tiles

Thank you

You who blew

Kisses to the kids

Helped to rewind those vids

Counted those bids

Helped to get rid

Told those fibs

Took the digs

Thank you

For thanking the sun

For blessing the day as it is done

The quiet ones who won

The baked buns

Thank you

For sharing


Raring to go

Thank you to those who purposly took it slow

Those who made us laugh with their show

Those who took the blow

Thank you for the Kneaded dough

To those who row the boats

Those who thank the water that floats

Thank you for those who make the coats

Those who dont gloat

Thank you

For those who sing

Those who bring the light

Those who fight

Who set their heights amoung the stars

Thank you for the jars of jam

The hands that pick the fruits

The boots so we may take the lesser roads

Thank you for the windows

Eyes that see and know

Thank you for the garden the seeds sown

What has been grown and who has grown them

Bless them

Those who move

Who use their eyes and mouths to bless the walls and doors

Thank you for the floor

And the grass that grows through it

Thank you for those who fit

And those who dont

Thank you for the ones who wont

Thank you for the rain

The brains, for the new

Inventions, the colour blue

Thank you for the due

And webs who weave us all true

Thank you for every thinking

Ever blinking

And Sinking

Thankyou for the mud turned

And left

Thankyou for the thought

The gift you bought for your self

The gift that brought ypu health

To help another

Beam ur light

Thank you for being a brother mother lover

Thank you for the covers

Thank you for the turning

Of time

And the rhymes

To who made them

Bless them hands who write

And the mind

Who understands

Thank you for the tears cried

Thank you for the lies

For the purpose of the tides

Thank you creatures who hide

Beyond the viel

Within the pale

Water stirs in places we cant see

Thank you for the sea

And those who plunge it

Thank you for the cooks

The books

The looks of recognition

Of praise

Of raised eyebrows


The awe inspired moments

Love sent


Thank you for ever being

For reading



For questioning

Thank you for you


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