It’s ok

If you feel attacked its ok to put your walls up
If you feel too open its ok to close your door
If you feel exhausted its ok to shut down and just rain it all in
If you feel unheld its ok to to take sometime to hold urself in this, be quiet and listen in to the wispers and check into some self care
Its ok to ask for help in whatever u need help for, your Worthy. People have been helped who have comited far worser crimes than you. We all deserve help without judgement.
Its ok to judge and be a hipocrite because we are human and we all so this. Our nature is to make mistakes and run on cycles.
Its ok to feel low, its ok to lay low.
If you feel scattered or Lost its ok to stand still
Its ok to not respond not text or call back not pick up the phone not have to answer questions its ok to skip a shower and take a bath when familly reminds you if you want, its ok to not want to open the curtains, or to watch from them and listen to every sound, its ok to not make any sense and not be doing anything your meant to be, its ok if u want to hide all your posts on facebook and just post them in a privacy only for yourself, its ok to want to delete here or to check in every half an hour, or min, its ok to be addicted, feel dependant, ground down, broke, its ok if ur confused, alone, if you want to give up, its ok to cry, to wonder how easier it wud be to die, its ok, to wish u had a cave and a month to hibernate alone in it, its ok to be slow, its ok you know… All of this is ok
Theres no magic cure
Except knowing its all cycling
Your not alone ive felt all these feelings before and some now and a lot i havent shared in this small post, but they’ve all passed or will pass again.
Pass, move, compost, fuel and birth the next parts of the story.
Im sorry its not a miracle answer its a reached out hand and another tool to add to the tool box of life


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