I might

I might in sight,

reward the bends

and blend within without

your charming hands

do dance

and may the chance of happy

hearts…start seeds

In mighty mountains.

Doth hide thy giggilish girl inside, do dwell in blushed concealment. Rewarded calls of grins in all, unlikely places.

Merry men. Marry meant, and sent an angel. Seeing with thow blessed chest. Wing capped beauty. Beneath the icy front, a froth, beneath the pin topped point. Beyond thy star gazed soul, I ride… in free fields out of sight. Can’t be caught yet caught a million times. Unplanned.

You cradle it.

All. Oh to fall to bubbles. Oh to fall to wings. Oh to be carried. Without thow dainty strings.

Cursed and cradled. Cursed and blessed, with labels. Robot or human? You see through them. Playing them a line to fall, in laughter.

Love, love. Once we was. I heard the river call and I have fallen once more.

You cradle it.


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