Man from the job centre

Thank you for treating me


with equality

And more…

thank you for opening the door, and listening

without a power trip

or a tight grip

thank you for letting me be and breathe

not choking my life for the life they bleed in strife

believing false realities …

whilst im lost at sea

thank you for not following every rule, like I’m at school, your… allowing sychronisities in simplicity

loosening the grip, letting answers slip

without force

with understanding

thank you for letting me be free

you see, me

So, thank you for keeping the dream


I strive for life, in ease in truth

you, a breeze of fresh air

thank you for the care

you show, showered with a smile

good energy sent to

me, and doubtless many others

sisiters brothers, thank you

To my “work coach” “give me a break coach”

Just thank you, I wish every coach was like you,

not scary, sweat up anxiety, taking our sovereignty

Who intimidate you, laminate you, pin you to a wall

Allowing me to follow my call

Some discriminate you, contemplate you

overthrow your whole

thank you for allowing me

to answer for me and trust in me my essence

thank you for the chances, the dances of my me

for hope and a home

in another’s

allowance, acceptance, empathy

Free in a system



elating human kindness


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