Im sorry- life breaks and love blooms

Im so sorry the universe serves you shitty hands sometimes
im so sorry your world can be swept from your feet and turned upside down
I am so sorry
I believe we must believe this shit that screams injustice
can only been fertile seeds that had to be
in words beyond me
in order for our dreams to be bloomed
flipped and tipped and ripped apart
im sorry you had to start again
to learn a new
to feel the deep deep blue
im sorry you we once and now transformed to see through
i see you
and I believe the universe shakes and breaks beneath our feet
yes, for reasons beyond me
but this space is fertile
sky high beyond time
and your suspended here
in all this fear that hears your heart
beats beyond that that is
in hope and surrender
in this we remember
the miracle of trust
we must, believe in love
beyond explanation beyond the now
a story unfolds and I’m sorry we dont know
but know this
love carries us
oh yes love will bloom here in this space
your suspended in
love blooms here


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