Blinking bloomed

blinking bloomed

a tie aloomed

In often seeming light.

a trickle hoped

I lost and choked

this little light of mine.

beneath the earth in quaked remark

a pleasant fellow sang,

with ears of heart

and hope in laugh

(-a dance between the marks.)

hark… hallow, shallow is the murk

deemed doomed, a

binking bloomed!

by day of night

between the slowly dark?

-in which do grow

the rowing boats

of death and birth remarked!

“howl” with you on wondering willows

“howl” beyond thy goat!

“oh familia”

“oh wonderer”

you know… and needn’t neither

along, long, page turned

The past is sown.

-ponder on this pond

you squander,

swimming- slightly slither

in thy silver moonly bath

I quake and quakes do quiver!

hanging in thou wrinkled ringlets

gold has come and doomed.

Timely timeless

“hurray, hurrah

cheers”, the seers go to merry go, to merry a round


blinking bloomed

assumed the slightest smile

amused the pickling garden

’twas he and she!

merge born and 3, beyond

between forever.

bow beem

hath seen and forgotten all

in hope for freedom


absorbed slightly

sweetly stained

in likely squeals, a sealed


-washed over.

under never, never… and ever


in almost fingers, almost toes

we reach, in stories…

blinking bloomed

A spiralling

Familiar ghost






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