Wholly A Hole

alive in mountains

cained be broke

be hold a lonesome road

tamed hope tamed lame


bold in writing’s dark

lost in his story

a glory maimed

proud and shamed

mis lead

im fed stunned, bullshit!


sweet is lime

a time of found injustice

come come I call my song

one and all

yet all can not be found

you fell and now I have you still

in a maze without

much gap much rebounds

the doors be fall to wholly roads

where you can find your soul

alas no more will this re-bore

the morning of your bones

manifest your quest

you sold the lies

mass lost mass squashed

in hope replied

live fearless


the only way

is your mind, a play

believe the tears of blue

red burns in lines

and you remind your mind to “ignore the truth”

-mis truth.


in boxes called, in boxes born to tell..

sweet tales of wholesome veils

of wholesome somber sails

cast free is he in rolling wheat

in rolling over pails

work hard in days

in rich merades

my mind has taken over

heart pour the lessons

never known

never to be told

never clear

never held

over roads we’ve landed

what is it what is it

the quest you never answer

to endly voids

of nothing ness

from which I rolled and squandered

so leave me be

my here

my now

beyond the task I wondered

for all is beyond before my fall

in rippling mirrors

roll over

Befall befall

all to let go

in practiced ignorance

to grasp at light and blind to


wholly goings under




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