What should I do? I lift my hands up.

Paint. Just go be still. Be quiet. Whittle away. Paint.

Ok πŸ˜’

..and be greatful.

Ok I am i am. I’m just impatient. How long will this take. –

It may take a life time. But, trust me just go paint. speak. Share. Be, this is who you are. Trust and be greatful and above all paint.

Right ok I shall.

… Be greatful.

Ok..ok I am. I don’t know what it is in me, its just like- I give up with greatful ness.

You have forgotten, there’s so much to be greatful for. The miracle of life, of you. You’ve been given a gift, your life, and you’ve been given passion and skills to share this. Isn’t this enough? You’ve got a family, you’ve got a heart, you have your hands and you have your free will. You have so much. Remember. Remember this and go and be the art you are with heart and a miraculous life running through all you do. Believe, be – live, be and live = in belief and let this life inspire you to walk forwards in the light, of you. Your aren’t trapped within. There is an ever luminous layer to uncover. Your work is here. Trust in this process. And be blown open in the holyness of this breath. In the miracle of life in you and all around.


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