Your Words Spoilt Me

You words spoilt me
now I roll in absent replies
evading hands poetic
your attention scorns him
rejects his Thumbs up one word
2 words
show me
the place before all this
where I was safe in
not longing
My attention mourns, born less because
your words spoilt me.
Cliff hanger
you anger in it all
passion promised
rose hips
now Im in a dip
where you kissed me with
sweet nectar on your tongue
non can sing along
cause they don’t know
your words spoilt me.
Cutting free from
perfection found
in thorough rounds
found and bound to open
longing, cause
your words spoilt me.
Free me now he
is empty
with desire
without words that melt me
absent- intent
repent me
your words spoilt me.


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