Book building=houses, life, play.

Noah, my son, building/sculpture/environment-art-Play. Worlds within worlds, within houses, within bedrooms, within books.


Working with Noah

Quiet. In a whirlwind. In an ocean. In a library. In a dinner hall. Passing. Fleeting, by, and by. Watching, watching, watching more. Searching for something. Searching for something that captures me. Gaze my attention. Get me to ask why. Be inquisitive. Scrunch my face, sharpen my eyes. Ponder upon this. Ponder more, more. Pull …

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‘Question Everything’

Question Everything from Antonia on Vimeo. This is a poem I wrote for Accrington library, which I painted and photographed individually to be made into a video. With the technical and supportive help of artist Sophie Skellen, for our most recent joint exhibition, Drop'IN. Installed by Sophie, our curator Amy Lawrence and the libraries janitor. …

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A poem I wrote trying to find the meaning of life

Life purpose What is the purpose, this feeling? This being, I'm still listening. Silence. How to trust this stillness... In waves, in speed, swept, blurred. We Are unhappy yet content. We are going... somewhere, But what if we aren't meant to go anywhere? Then why do we have legs. Separation is this life, Behind these …

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