Book building=houses, life, play.

Noah, my son, building/sculpture/environment-art-Play. Worlds within worlds, within houses, within bedrooms, within books.


Does an artist have to plan a workshop?

The photos below have been taken between me and all the kids at the allotment, on my iPad. I really love the images children capture, especially the blurry ones and the ones of feet. I am really intrested in how anything can be art when you have the thought process behind it. I like to …

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Working with Noah

Quiet. In a whirlwind. In an ocean. In a library. In a dinner hall. Passing. Fleeting, by, and by. Watching, watching, watching more. Searching for something. Searching for something that captures me. Gaze my attention. Get me to ask why. Be inquisitive. Scrunch my face, sharpen my eyes. Ponder upon this. Ponder more, more. Pull …

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‘Question Everything’

Question Everything from Antonia on Vimeo. This is a poem I wrote for Accrington library, which I painted and photographed individually to be made into a video. With the technical and supportive help of artist Sophie Skellen, for our most recent joint exhibition, Drop'IN. Installed by Sophie, our curator Amy Lawrence and the libraries janitor. …

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“consciousness is the pulse of the present”

Phillip Shepard- interview on chaos I truely recommend watching this interview. It helped me find clarity recently, "knowledge and self knowledge are seperate"- we are lacking in true self knowledge. How to come into the world around us and reconnect and rekindle our relationship with Mother Earth. HOW WE CANT CONTAIN REALITY? Reality leaks out …

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