Working with Noah

Quiet. In a whirlwind. In an ocean. In a library. In a dinner hall. Passing. Fleeting, by, and by. Watching, watching, watching more. Searching for something. Searching for something that captures me. Gaze my attention. Get me to ask why. Be inquisitive. Scrunch my face, sharpen my eyes. Ponder upon this. Ponder more, more. Pull …

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For sophie, Blaze

The brief was to reenact one of the artworks from the link below- (And I was inspired by the 3!) 7 Untitled (A Curse) Tom Friedman, 1992- "how one's knowledge of the history behind something affects one's thinking about that thing". 8 Radiation piece, Robert Barry, 1969- his art work worked with the intangible …

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