Moor Nook Allotment Words

yOur grOwing carrOts decOmposing flOwing rain drOps sOwing Organic sOil stOp lOok sOup cOmmunity fOund jOy blOwing dandeliOns fOnd Of Our life fOrms spOuts rOots shOots A collaboration of words between myself and, In-situ environment artist and director, Kerry Morrison- discussing design ideas for a shipping container- for Moor Nook Community Allotment. - The Os …

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‘Question Everything’

Question Everything from Antonia on Vimeo. This is a poem I wrote for Accrington library, which I painted and photographed individually to be made into a video. With the technical and supportive help of artist Sophie Skellen, for our most recent joint exhibition, Drop'IN. Installed by Sophie, our curator Amy Lawrence and the libraries janitor. …

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A weeks thinking, a mornings work.

Above I created 4 seperate artworks this morning. Each one I used string and paper, and gave them intention. One was hung in my tree in the garden, to capture the invisible back and forth energy it emits and also maybe capture the voices we can not hear as humans. The second I hung in …

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