Book building=houses, life, play.

Noah, my son, building/sculpture/environment-art-Play. Worlds within worlds, within houses, within bedrooms, within books.


Do you want to be a child?

"Every child is an artist, the problem is how to stay a child when we grow up" Pablo Picasso So, WHY aren't we children anymore? WHY do we have to consciously think to be an adult? WHY are men more childish than women? (Generally!) WHY do we loose a sense of free expression growing up …

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Den in the library

And then there was a den... In the library. Yey, this was our 3rd attempt. A beautiful art work that was explored and adventured for an hour in the library. My report back is... it was fun! And relaxing. And beautiful inside. It was an experience that we built together and then packed away. I …

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