Moor Nook Allotment Words

yOur grOwing carrOts decOmposing flOwing rain drOps sOwing Organic sOil stOp lOok sOup cOmmunity fOund jOy blOwing dandeliOns fOnd Of Our life fOrms spOuts rOots shOots A collaboration of words between myself and, In-situ environment artist and director, Kerry Morrison- discussing design ideas for a shipping container- for Moor Nook Community Allotment. - The Os …

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Allotment with In-Situ

A day spent at Moor Nook Community allotments volunteering with In-Situ, with Noah my 4 year old son. Permaculture. Community. Alive. Enthusiasm. Cold, winter. Numb-toes. Cobwebs. Spiders. Playing, laughing. Smiles. Feeling=inspired. People coming together. Working it out. Solving. Doing. Being. Breathing. Whistling. Brews. Making jokes about loos. Hiding in bushes. Knowledge. Sharing. Caring. Thinking, seeking, …

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