I wana be a musician

I'm feeling really inspired by  Medicine For the People today, and I'm feeling a little impulsive (as usually) in that now I want to join a band. I'll need to learn an instrument. But if got the messages to share, Iv got my words and my passion. I always feel I can more freely express myself through …

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Instruction art

Invisible chance to make artwork- How to make collect invisible, to the eye, energy- This was all inspired by Juliette Davis and a workshop I did with her through Blaze in Accrington. She spoke about lists of instructions and how they can be an artwork.

For sophie, Blaze

The brief was to reenact one of the artworks from the link below- http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2012/jun/10/ten-best-invisible-artworks-hayward (And I was inspired by the 3!) 7 Untitled (A Curse) Tom Friedman, 1992- "how one's knowledge of the history behind something affects one's thinking about that thing". 8 Radiation piece, Robert Barry, 1969- his art work worked with the intangible …

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A weeks thinking, a mornings work.

Above I created 4 seperate artworks this morning. Each one I used string and paper, and gave them intention. One was hung in my tree in the garden, to capture the invisible back and forth energy it emits and also maybe capture the voices we can not hear as humans. The second I hung in …

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