Past, a Present

As i scrolled back on my life over Instagram, i looked happy and i captured beautiful moments- a part of me says hey you was in like some creative flow back then... what about now... but i let the thought come and go. I know i struggled all the time past the images captured and …

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We need to feel alone to be united. Maybe we split ourselves up so much through time..... (Expanding universe) than now we need to feel this feeling of being alone, (gradual progression through this growing society), to really feel the opposite which is whole and one. United, entangled, entwined, fused, wrapped up in arms of …

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‘Question Everything’

Question Everything from Antonia on Vimeo. This is a poem I wrote for Accrington library, which I painted and photographed individually to be made into a video. With the technical and supportive help of artist Sophie Skellen, for our most recent joint exhibition, Drop'IN. Installed by Sophie, our curator Amy Lawrence and the libraries janitor. …

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