Sorting day in my living room/studio

Tofay im sorting through paperwork, throwing out old years worth of paper work. And pulling the contents of drawers out and throwing and sort them! Iv just made myself a little printing press corner and thought I'd share with you all! Now Β I have 2 corners in my living room dedicated to art, this printing …

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‘Think Like a Mountain’ installation

I made some monoprints out of frustration. Out of having no communication. I made some prints to express my thoughts and anger and feeling, to let it go and get it out. And then created an installation in an exhibtiom I curated 'blackburn Printfest'. Art is a great way to release and express. I based …

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Printfest launch 15th May

Hello people of the Internet. Me, the lovely Alex Ware, and with amazing support from the Β Blackburn Is Open team... Have organised Blackburn's first Printfest! The launch exhibtion is this Friday the 15th. And I want to tell you a bit more about it... So here's the low down. We will open the exhibtion with …

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