Prolonged Now

Let your mind switch- collect- congregate, into a spot Let your mind know what your eyes see is not- Real- Instead open something= feel A buzz, a movement, a shudder, a breeze. Un-focus- see a haze Try not to think yet keep this moment going for days. Let me know if you get this to …

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I wana be a musician

I'm feeling really inspired by  Medicine For the People today, and I'm feeling a little impulsive (as usually) in that now I want to join a band. I'll need to learn an instrument. But if got the messages to share, Iv got my words and my passion. I always feel I can more freely express myself through …

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“consciousness is the pulse of the present”

Phillip Shepard- interview on chaos I truely recommend watching this interview. It helped me find clarity recently, "knowledge and self knowledge are seperate"- we are lacking in true self knowledge. How to come into the world around us and reconnect and rekindle our relationship with Mother Earth. HOW WE CANT CONTAIN REALITY? Reality leaks out …

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