Antonia Gaia
0759064448, 16/01/91
Personal Statement
I am a creative, Conscious-exploring, curious human being whose passion and purpose in life lies in the arts. I started my journey as a painter/printmaker but have always had a drive for something more- now these mediums/ materials are secondary to my ideas. I am inspired by nature and the cosmos. And I work with the invisible, and mostly intangible, themes of consciousness, awareness, and connection- to do this I explore and ponder philosophy, perspective and phenomenology. I constantly question, look for answers and share my process- whether it’s about the everyday or the impossible, or why the everyday may be impossible? I have 2 blogs in which i compartmentalise being a mum and being an artist, and sometimes I talk about the connection between the 2. Everyday I write or draw, it makes sense to me even if the words or images I make don’t make sense at all for the reader. Writing/art is, for me, a way to release, record and express what I mean/feel/think/imagine to be/want to project/manifest. I can be anything, with intention, and have been a Curator, an exhibitor, an illustrator, a painter, a printmaker, a teacher, a gardener, a creative collaborator, and a designer. I am a mother and an artist with an intention to put myself fully into projects where I can share skills, learn new and bring a sense of community and purpose.


Artist- researching for a library education project with my son- Exploring alternative education, imagination, creation, and play by creating workshops/happenings/interventions within the space.
-House, Studio Residency with The Museum Of Lancashire, MOL– a group of artists including myself- work in the studio from November-March hosting 3 open studios and a final exhibition in the museum.

-No.11- artist collective shop in Blackburn town centre- 2014-2015 – me and 3 lady artists from Blackburn opened a Blackburn Is Open supported Arts Shop where we sourced and stocked over 40 local artists from blackburn and surrounding towns and villages, also held skill share workshops and meet the artist events.
-Blackburn Is Open-
festival creative support- worked on the Festival Of Making helping with events managing, helping with soup kitchen and Gypsy Carrot Productions.

-In-situ Arts organisation at Moor Nook Community Allotments-  Novemberd-December 2015
-Blackburn is open- 2012-2015 various projects- including ‘first Thursdays’ a serious of large scale events I helped organise as part of the BIO team, and helped to set up Art SPACE- a monthly ongoing meet-up for creatives to preform/share/create/eat/network
-Somewhereto_- I helped with the somewhereto_ festival 2014, volunteered to curate an Exhibition in an empty shop in Lancaster,and illustrated the windows of the empty shop.
Blaze- I volunteered to help set up exhibitions- photography open, and I am a part of the art strand SLAM who meet regularly and now work together in a studio in preston.
The Harris Museum and Art Gallery- volunteered through Blaze to Curate the Annual open exhibition- 2014.
-Culture on a Shoestring- Publication-Blaze magazine- I wrote 3 articles for this magazine and am apart of meetings, emails, and taking trips to see and review places for the magazine such as the Atkinson in southport-2015 for the next magazine I will be visiting artist studio/collectives to write about their ideas, creation and how we can be inspired by them and what they are doing.


– Co-curator, with artist Alex Ware, on our 1st annual project- Blackburn Printfest, May 2015
– The Harris Museum and Art gallery- I co-curated with a group of artists- SLAM. In this I curated loosely themed rooms of happiness and spirituality, a wall of environment and irony about peace and earth crossed by war, the abstracted/nature room, and a room or contemporary room- where we crowned the winner, ‘a single blade of grass’

Artist Residencies

Blaze Artist Residency in Accrington, an 8 week long residency exploring invisible art and interventions within Accrington library. Working towards a exhibition preview night on the 27th October 2015 and a week long curated ‘Drop In’ week of happenings, as part of the Blaze Festival. – Blaze blog by the artists in residence at Accrington Library


2016- Workshop 16th February with my son Noah exploring PLAY -den building, shadow making, story telling and game playing-intervention, video, sculpture and environment creating. As part of a 8 week workshop residency I co-organised at The Caretakers house, Preston.

October- Me and my son ran 2 workshops for the above artist Residency end exhibition- a den building workshop, ‘Your Safe Place’, where I explore the feeling of the space, something I had picked up on in the time spent their was the children’s area felt weird being in the centre of a huge space- I wanted to explore how a place to hide and be space and hidden away could change how we interacted with the space. People in the library seemed to sit in corners and out of the way place except the children’s area which was forced into the open.
-‘painting the souls of books’, a workshop exploring the invisible connection we have to books, the ways a book feels and how we can illustrate a book without words. We strung up connecting washing lines throughout the library with illustrations of the books and their message/feeling/souls.. Conversation was a huge part of this art piece, as I posed questions on people about books, their stories and we shared theories on the topic.

October -I ran an ‘energy reading’ of Accrington library as part of the Blaze Drop’In exhibition- this art piece explored the senses. I wrote a creative piece of work/booklet which gave instructions and asked questions for the audience to fill in throughout the reading. This was about exploring individual sense by blocking each one off, involved meditated and sharing and coming together.

September- Blaze workshop ‘manifest your dreams’ I collected river stones for making wish and intent stones, feathers and sticks and flowers from my garden for making dream blowers- a version of a dream catcher- but these set your dream seeds blowing in the wind.

September- Wheelton Primary school- I taught 2 classes of 30 mono-print and lino-print making and brought in artist Oli Blight to teach screen printing.


-December- Printmaking workshop for the library community in Accrington for their Christmas market event
-Me and my son, Noah, ran a ‘Big Draw’ workshop for families at Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery.
-May-June-I ran a life drawing class for 6 weeks in Accrington Library, guiding, teaching and organising new models and practices each time. Supported by Blaze.
-January- as part of the exhibition I organised called one I created 2 food sharing events with an aim to bring community together and share the seed, food is free.
– I facilitated a workshop in my solo exhibition to raise awareness about Ayurveda and the health benefits/ way of life- sharing the seed that we can can heal our own bodies- by connecting more and educating ourselves.


May- Museum’s at Night- I ran a mask making workshop for children at Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery


-Blackburn Festival of making BIO blog for the busking stations /exhibition in Blackburn Town Centre
-Commission for Myerscough College- student dorm room mural- co designed and curated with Sophie Skellern and Holly Knowles
-Commissioned window art work, ‘nest as your home’- 3 willow nests made and hung and lit in the window- commission by Wayne Hemingway for Blackburn Is Open, in Blackburn town centre in a coffee shop- December



-‘Contracting to a Blue Centre’, a workshop/retreat/event, Wheelton – April
-‘Experience connection’, The Caretakers House- end exhibtion as a collaborative workshop – March
-‘House Warming’, The Caretakers House- start exhibtion- December


-‘framed’ curated by Sophie Skellern with Somewhereto_ -art work in public spaces
-Drop’In, curated by Amy Lawrence- Accrington library- a week long exhibition of talks/happenings/interventions and invisible art
-Blackburn Printfest, exhibited installation of mono-print, ‘Think Like A Mountain’ 15-16th May Co-Curated and organised with Alex Ware and supported by Blackburn Is Open, Claire Tymon. – Feelings art installation at Printfest Blackburn Printfest poster/event
-National day of the woman Joint exhibition, celebrating national women’s day, Preston, Korova arts cafe: curated by Katie Ryan and Alexander O’Hara


-The Harris Museum and art gallery, annual Open Exhibition, Preston – 2014
-The Bureau Art Auction- – February
-End of year Degree show, Blackburn University
-Printmaking Solo show, ‘Venus‘, Blackburn Is Open shop, Blackburn. A series of dry point etchings exploring Venus in nature and rooted in earth and the cosmos.
-Art Space joint exhibition, Blackburn, The Bureau – ongoing project in Blackburn
-Solo show at Sprout vegetarian cafe, Blackburn. ‘Excelsia’ -1 month long
-Empty shop in the mall, Lancaster, with commissioned window design supported by Somewhereto_
-Solo exhibition, January, Empty shop in Blackburn town centre, ‘ONE’, all proceeds to Friends Of the Earth- a 2 week long exhibition with happenings/events- consisted of 2 music nights, a Indian sharing free food night, an Ayurvedic talk, and each day 3 days a week- live painting and open art classes for the public.


-Joint student exhibition, Africa, at the Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington- after a study trip to Cape Town with Blackburn University.
-Joint exhibition with Emma Raey, in an empty shop in Blackburn town centre- December as part of Blackburn is open Christmas event with Wayne Hemingway.