Exhibitions/curation/commissions/artist residencies.


Automatic Zen– Adventures with film cameras as Art therapy. Project from January-June. In collaboration with Obscura Darkroom Blackburn


Conscious Camp- May and September camps – Held workshops, One in collaboration with The Rainbow tent and No frills Wellbeing– I volunteered and helped to co-ordinate The rainbow tent and collaborated in a Ceremony of the Ancestors in which I embodied and played the roll of Gaia.  I ran a workshop- ‘Butterfly woman’ in which i held space in sacred circle for story telling. I also ran a workshop a day- ‘Flow River Flow’ where i lead a group down the River Dee- Holding hands, Holding bodies, Singing.


House, Studio Residency with The Museum Of Lancashire, MOL– a group of artists will work in the studio from November-March And will host 3 open studios and a final exhibtion in the museum.

Blaze Artist Residency in Accrington, an 8 week long residency exploring invisible art and interventions within Accrington library. Working towards a exhibtiom preview night on the 27th October and a week long curated ‘Drop In’ week of happenings, as part of the Blaze Festival. – Blaze blog by the artists in residence at Accrington Library

‘Universal Wave’ Mill street, Wheelton- connecting the street, connecting the community, absorbing the current that pulses. September, 2015- One day exhibtion/happening.

Blackburn Festival of making BIO blog for the busking stations /exhibition in Blackburn Town Centre

Blackburn Printfest, exhibited installation of mono-print, ‘Think Like A Mountain’ 15-16th May Co-Curated and organised with Alex Ware and supported by Blackburn Is Open, Claire Tymon. – Feelings art installation at Printfest Blackburn Printfest poster/event

National day of the woman Joint exhibtion, celebrating national women’s day, Preston, Korova arts cafe: curated by Katie Ryan and Alexander O’Hara

The Harris Museum and art gallery, annual Open Exhibtion, Preston – Co-Curated with Blaze Arts (including me and a group of artists called ‘Slam’)

The Bureau Art Auction- Art auction website – February


End of year Degree show, Blackburn University

Printmaking Solo show, ‘Venus‘, Blackburn Is Open shop, Blackburn. A series of dry point etchings exploring Venus in nature and rooted in earth and the cosmos.

Commission for Myerscough College- student dorm room mural- co designed and curated with Sophie Skeller and Holly Knowles.

Art Space joint exhibtion, Blackburn, The Bureau – ongoing project in Blackburn- Art space

Solo show at Sprout vegetarian cafe, Blackburn. ‘Excelsia’ -1 month long

Empty shop in the mall, Lancaster, with commissioned window design supported by Somewhereto

Solo exhibtion, January, Empty shop in Blackburn town centre, ‘ONE’, all proceeds to Friends Of the Earth- a 2 week long exhibtion with happenings/events- consisted of 2 music nights, a Indian sharing free food night, an Ayurvedic talk, and each day 3 days a week- live painting and open art classes for the public.



Joint student exhibtion, Africa, at the Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington- after a study trip to Cape Town with Blackburn Univeristy

Joint exhibtion with Emma Raey, in an empty shop in Blackburn town centre- December as part of Blackburn is open Christmas event with Wayne Hemmingway.

Commisioned window art work, ‘nest as your home’- 3 willow nests made and hung and lit in the window- commission by Wayne Hemmingway for Blackburn Is Open, in Blackburn town centre in a coffe shop- December


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