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Milk's for the birds and the bees Milk's for mothers to be free Free to express Free from all stress With her new born But in this reality- mothers are torn from their Angels. I wish life was like The Secret of Kells A fairytale, Where adults eat kale Instead of stealing milk from Earth's …

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Do you want to be a child?

"Every child is an artist, the problem is how to stay a child when we grow up" Pablo Picasso So, WHY aren't we children anymore? WHY do we have to consciously think to be an adult? WHY are men more childish than women? (Generally!) WHY do we loose a sense of free expression growing up …

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The Hoover, a ball of string. Making connections.

Noah's found a game with the wire of the Hoover. He pulls and pulls it out, then makes a connection to another object in the room. At one point he started throwing the plug at the window, it seemed with the intent for it to hook onto something- that was not there. Below- Noah wrapped …

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For sophie, Blaze

The brief was to reenact one of the artworks from the link below- http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2012/jun/10/ten-best-invisible-artworks-hayward (And I was inspired by the 3!) 7 Untitled (A Curse) Tom Friedman, 1992- "how one's knowledge of the history behind something affects one's thinking about that thing". 8 Radiation piece, Robert Barry, 1969- his art work worked with the intangible …

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