Look for more

Will i always look for more? You look down to the floor- I the sky You hold me + I don't know What it is, what to show- I just flow Will it grow? - What seed is this I'm growing? Do I know deep down? Radiating from crown? Hearts to hold- Hold my heart. …

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Tell me who you are

You eyes bring me home When im lost im centered when i remember to re join this gaze I'm transcended, from my distraction To this perfect moment.   IN you i blushed. Falling into an uncontrolled, *burst of joy! Your eyebrow waved and paved the way to love. Your gaze burnt down, without effort. I …

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Clay modelling- bringing Venus to life.

Modelling clay ready to fire this week, testing new waters. I think I love clay. It's so beautifully physical I feel like I am creating children, bringing life to beautiful earth. Exploring Mother Earth, Venus and the cosmos. Bring connection and entwining magic with material. Infusing healing and protecting vibes from my fingers heart and …

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