Pollyanna Your Life 

Wake up greatful for life- you lifes not threatening, your not going anywhere. You here. Be glad of the air you breathe, find something. Anything. The always some praises to sing. Yours toes, your shoulders, they ache? So concerntrate on your nose, the wonders it smells, the stories it tells of your morning brew. Marvel …

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Grateful i wake. The earth quakes Bubbling joy Blasting Beaming Brilliant light. AwakenINg sight. Dreams once asleep, Birthed to be. From mother Sister brother All birthed from lovers. Sky and water, Gaia from ether Vast darkness stretched mountains. We are the fountains. Of eternity, Swimming the boundless, bottomless sea.

Our Lost Lineage- in the Cut down Star Trees

Are you uncertain in your certainty of humanity? Dose it feel like something is missing? Some truth? Are you happy, are you searching? Dose anything seem a little strange? Like how we are all plugged in, distracted, a little bit lost? - (sometimes- when we are quiet and stand still, and if we haven't found …

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