Someones Watching

I'm being watched From above This societies got to play itself out Shouting whispers from above Homeless residence in your attic  I feel sick I'm being watched Big brother's eye Hides the cries Love hate crimes Have you fallen in line Cause we're watching you We can see through Your screen We beam waves of …

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Is anyone else Tired Of writing all the time I am so fucking tired Of having so much fight For everything Questioning anything That moves me To paper Is anyone else tired? Artists and poets should have assistants to type up and write up all their ideas Channeling... People to help get them to society... …

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And it's gone A blur Like I said My head Clearer in confirmed Wormed Out Fountains from my ears and eyes blind Senses let me feel this delusion A world I've built Wilt the bloom birthed anew Seed- Feed darkness from a crest of a chest Jewels beyond compare Stare startled magnificence Light words to transcend The end