Vunerable In a lull Biting teeth, my jaw clenches The subconscious i hold on to Im not held but i hold you I need someone who can see through My confusion The illusion i see in my empty answer You give me the answer with a question Pondering repeat, wondering Im hurting hard and stiff …

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Wisdom Channeling

Your not mine I am not yours Disconnected yet so connected In truth Dis associated yet so associated In the vibrations of truth Your not mine I am not yours The wind blows us In to new Encounters Which one will you falter Or merge The surge of union In seperation On the body of …

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Untitled draft- on toing and froing

I'm confused       I DEFUSED  the fire. IN your hands- I didn't understand. MY walls My ego called                                               pretending to be truth.  =  I acted aloof POWER stance                     in mother Earth I said Goodbye   +   Gave birth.   I'm confused        I ABUSED                                                                my vulnerability It clouded my      reality.                  I question my sanity Procrastinating. Debating. (IFS WHYS WHENS …

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