The Shadow Of Our Stars

We all live with the shadows of our stars They've been rebirthed throughout Our history They tell the story Of the things we cant see Like in night sky Highest of highs -Darkness is a shadow So, there must be something huge we can not see to blow In-between all the, twinkling- Blinkering in projected …

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Untitled draft- on toing and froing

I'm confused       I DEFUSED  the fire. IN your hands- I didn't understand. MY walls My ego called                                               pretending to be truth.  =  I acted aloof POWER stance                     in mother Earth I said Goodbye   +   Gave birth.   I'm confused        I ABUSED                                                                my vulnerability It clouded my      reality.                  I question my sanity Procrastinating. Debating. (IFS WHYS WHENS …

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